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                                                                                        © Marco Zwinkels
Wilma Keizer (Den Haag, 1964) Atelier in Delft, Netherland.  
Art teacher at the VAK (painting lessons) in Delft.
The paintings of Wilma Keizer are known for their energy and daring colourcombinations.
She integrates special papers from India and Nepal in her paintings. Therefore her work has got different layers, fine and sometimes rough.
From 1990 till 2005 she also worked as a director in theatre. That’s why she still has an interest in people: how they talk, look, flirt, express themselves... For that reason she sometimes uses text as well.
But the most important is the process: how she creates a new work. Essential is that it must be open. She doesn’t generate ideas in advance, she just starts with papers and paint and then the work leads her to a idea.
It’s important to surprise herself, keep it exiting making new things and to focus on the material. But there are themes that always return in her paintings, like Motherhood, Children, Communication between people, Don Quichotte and the former Queen Juliana. In 2013 she started with Trees.

ZWN Delft, tekenen|schilderen 1982-1987
W. de Kooning academie R’dam 1987-1989
werk in stock bij; CBK R’dam, galerie de Compagnie Dordrecht. v Waay&Soetekouw Delft, DOK Delft, Ruimte Remmelink Delft

1988 De turfkelder, Schoonhoven. 1990 Arti et Ind. DenHaag.
1991 DELTA , Rotterdam. 1992 Kunstcentrum Delft.
2005 kunstcentrum Delft  2007 Galerie Meij&Meij , Delft.
2008 Galerie de Compagnie, Dordrecht. galerie de Opsteker Amsterdam .

2010 Ruimte Remmelink Delft .   Stadsgalerie Woudrichem.

2011 Kunstuitleen Rijswijk

2012 Ruimte Remmelink Delft, Galerie de Compagnie Dordrecht. Galerie de Zone in Leiden

2013 Communication History Museum in Kaunas, Litouwen. Sacral Art Museum, Anyksciai, Litouwen

           Lithuanian Theatre, Music and Cinema Museum, Vilnius , Litouwen

2015 Rotterdam Contemporary, Ruimte Remmelink.

2016 Galerie Wijnstraat, Dordrecht.

1987 Dionysus,Rotterdam.
1989 Arti et Industriae , Den Haag. 1991 De Studio, Rotterdam. 1993 DELTA , Rotterdam. 1993 Skulptoer, Delft.
1994 Kunstcentrum Delft. 1995 Kunst te Kijk Delft AVRO televisie. 2005 bacinolEXPO LAB, Delft. 2006 bacinolEXPO Vermeer insp.
2006 , 2008 en 2009 Galerie de Compagnie Dordrecht met
o.a ARTI 2009 Den Haag ,Women first en Vrouwe Justitia. 2010 de Pieter in Leiden . Cadmium Delft.

2011 Wintersalon galerie de Compagnie Dordrecht  en klein werk bij Ruimte Remmelink Delft

2013 Vilnius Town Hall, Vilnius. Zomersalon galerie de Compagnie Dordrecht.

2014 Zomersalon galerie de Compagnie Dordrecht. Delftse Salon Kadmium Delft.

2015 Zomersalon galerie de Compagnie Dordrecht. Delftse Salon Kadmium Delft.

2016 Zomersalon galerie de Compagnie Dordrecht. Delftse Salon Kadmium Delft.


2012 Palet jaargang 68, 2012 AD door Jesse Budding.

2005 Kunstlicht 273 Delftsche Krant door Hendrik van Leeuwen.


T 0640686020  
A Bieslandsekade 204 Delft
E atelierkeizer@tele2.nl